With PERI SCS, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are transferred without formwork ties through the brackets into the climbing anchors of the previous concreting section.

SCS Climbing System

The solid bracket system for single-sided and two-sided climbing formwork operations.

The SCS Climbing System is predominantly used for single-sided applications, i.e. with non-tied wall formwork. The loads resulting from the fresh concrete pressure are thereby transferred via the brackets into the previous concreting section by climbing anchors. Typical areas of applications for the SCS Climbing System are dams, locks, cooling towers, bunkers and strongroom vaults, pier heads and tunnels. With very few additional components, the brackets are also suitable for forming with anchored wall formwork.

SCS Climbing System in action

Your benefits at a glance
  • Large, craneable climbing units

    due to the particularly high load-bearing capacity of the brackets with good utilization of the anchoring.

  • For this 280 m long, arch-shaped dam crest with variable inclinations, the climbing brackets carry the heavy loads.
    Safe, horizontal working areas

    through inclinable platforms which can easily be adapted to suit inclined structural elements.

  • SCS I
    Cost-effective also for two-sided applications

    through a minimum of additional components for a high level of material utilization and reduced logistical requirements.


SCS 190

The Bracket SCS 190 has a width of 1.90 m and requires only a minimum of space as well as being a more cost-effective alternative. The formwork is simply tilted when striking.

SCS 250

The SCS 250 has a width of 2.50 m and is equipped with a formwork carriage. With this, the wall formwork can be retracted up to 79 cm (valid for MAXIMO and TRIO) or up to 63 cm (valid for VARIO GT 24) without requiring a crane. This provides sufficient space for the reinforcement work, assembly of the scaffold anchoring as well shuttering and striking of box outs.

SCS Starter Brace Frame

For the first casting segment, a starter brace frame is used while diagonal anchoring transfers the loads into the bottom slab.
The SCS Starter Brace Frame is designed in such a way that the strongback, spindle and formwork can also be used in the next casting segments with the climbing bracket.

SCS two-sided application

With only a minimum of additional components, the SCS Climbing Bracket can also be used for anchored wall formwork up to 6.00 m high. This ensures increased material utilization of the system components and thus enhanced cost-effectiveness of the investment.

Interested in using SCS for your project?

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Interested in using SCS for your project?

Call us on +974 4411 4816 to discuss your requirements further.